Top Reasons Why Your Garage Door Will Not Open

There may come a time when you are unable to open your garage door. Don’t panic. These things happen from time to time. You’re not the first person that has happened to. When someone in Roswell, GA has a problem with their garage door, they often rely on Roswell Garage Door Repair. We know how to effectively evaluate the situation and fix the problem for you. However, you may be wondering whether or not it is something that you are doing or have done to cause the problem. Here are some of the most common reasons for your garage door to cause this type of problem.

Even when you are prone to try to research how you can fix the problem on your own, but this is definitely a situation that should be handled by a professional garage door technician. Knowing the exact cause of the problem makes it possible for you to take immediate action. It could be something that is uncomplicated and something that you could fix on your own. We’re not against your fixing the problem on your own if it is an easy fix but we are against your troubleshooting the problem. This could result in your being harmed. You can avoid this by calling on our qualified service technicians to handle the job.

Here are the top reasons why your garage door might not open:

  • Transmitter Problem

    We’ll make sure that your garage door transmitter is working properly. If the transmitter on the wall is still able to open the garage door, the problem may be something as simple as replacing the battery to your car transmitter so that the transmitters communicates effectively with each other. When you do this, you might as well change the battery to the transmitter on the wall since they were likely installed at the same time. This is definitely something you that is safe to do yourself. Just keep in mind that some transmitters have a back that needs to be screwed off with a screwdriver.

  • Obstructed Photo Eyes

    To serve as a way to protect you from harm, there are photo eyes on both sides of the garage door. When there is debris in the path of either of the eyes, you’ll have a problem with your doors opening. The photo eyes are designed to keep the automatic door from shutting on you or your car. If the door opens but when you try to close it, you’ll need to inspect the photo eyes for debris or something that could be blocking them. It is possible for the beams to get blocked and prevent the doors from working normally. The photo eyes can also become misaligned over time, which means the eyes may not align. When they do not align, this will prevent the door from opening. This is also something that you can do yourself. You have to be careful when cleaning them or you could actually scratch the lens. All that is required is a soft cloth and streak-free cleaner to clean away any debris on the photo lens. Checking the alignment can be a little tricky. You might want to call on the services of a trained professional to fix it if you believe this is the cause of your trouble.

  • Tracks Unaligned

    In order for the door to operate properly, the metal track that it runs on has to be properly aligned. When there are visible bends or gaps between rails and rollers, there is certain to be trouble. Since the door itself is very heavy, it can contribute to the problem, making it so bad that the door will not work when you need it to. This also makes it very dangerous to operate your garage door. You can determine that the door is misaligned by listening to your car when you are pulling in and out of the garage. If you notice any rubbing noise whenever the door gets to a certain point on the track when it opens and shuts, you may have a misaligned track. It might even begin to slow down whenever it gets to that point. There are a few simple tricks to fix the problem. You might be able to gently tap on the track with a rubber mallet to get it back into the right position. A level is needed to ensure it is straight.

  • Out of Range Transmitter

    When you’re transmitter will not enable you to open your garage door, the problem could be that it is out of range of the range of the garage door. There is a very specific range that the transmitter must be in of the door in order for it to operate. If you are attempting to open the door to your garage without being physically in front of your home, it will cause problems with your door opening. Wait until you are in front of your driveway to press the transmitter button. If the transmitter is the problem, this should remedy the problem. If this doesn’t remedy the problem, the next thing to check is that the antenna inside your garage is not obstructed by something. If it is blocked it will not be able to send the signal that it should in order to signal the door to open or close. Also, make sure that your antenna isn’t damaged. If the antenna is damaged, you’ll need the help of one of our qualified service technicians to replace it.

These are just some of the top reasons why your garage door might not open. These are also the things that are easiest for you to resolve on your own. However, if none of these things work, chances are that you'll need to rely on the services that we have to offer to you. You're most likely going to find it a lot easier to leave the job to the trained professionals who know exactly where and what to look for.