Are you experiencing a garage door phenomenon that involves it not staying open? Does it start to rise and then suddenly stop and then come back down? Garage door activity like this can be quite worrisome; after all, what if it comes back down on top of your car, or you? Roswell Garage Door Repair offers these easy tips on how to deal with this problem. Read on and if you have any questions, give our shop a call or contact your favorite Roswell, GA garage door repair location.

Who or what is the culprit?

Our garage door repair pros often get calls about their garage doors that won’t stay open. One of their first questions is “what causes this?” They want to know if the problem is their remote, or their springs, or maybe their opener system. The answer depends on each person’s garage door and circumstances so we’ll start with talking about the springs.

Power lifters

Your garage door seems to magically lift and lower when you push the remote button. In fact, some people assume that the opener IS the remote and that this is what does all the work. In reality, it is your set of garage door springs that really does the heavy work. You either have torsion or extension springs operating your home or business garage door. Both work well and can last for thousands of cycles. Sometimes, however, they snap or become damaged and when they do, it is reflected in your garage door’s performance.


Now, please don’t go out and buy new springs and try and fix or replace them yourself! Spring repair is best left to the experts that have the skillset, knowledge and experience in servicing them. Garage door springs can be dangerous, too. This is especially true for extension springs that have caused bodily injury, property damage and even death when not serviced correctly so don’t take chances; call for a professional, if needed!

You CAN do this to test your springs

While it is best to NOT repair or install your own torsion or extension springs, there is a simple test that you can do on your own that is safe and easy to do. You can manually disconnect your garage door from the opener. It is still attached to your springs but the opener will be disconnected. Simply pull down on the red knob at the end of the emergency cord. This allows you to lift your garage door by hand. When you do this, notice how easily or how difficult it is to lift your garage door. Did it go up smoothly or did you notice some resistance and choppy action? Now open your garage door all the way and see what happens. Did it stay or start to come back down on its own? If you experienced a hard to lift garage door, or if it started to come back down on its own, you need spring repair or at least to have your springs re-tensioned. This is most likely the reason that your Roswell, GA garage door won’t stay open when you need it to.

Another possible culprit

If your garage door starts to rise but then “changes its mind” and comes back down, you may be experiencing a problem with your close limit switch. It most likely does not need replacement; only adjustment. It works like this. As your garage door rises, the opener motor pushes against the limit switch which stops the rise once the garage door has reached the correct height. If the limit switch is not set right, the garage door will not go all the way up and may start going back down again. You can adjust your own limit switch on the opener motor. Feel free to refer to your owner’s manual for help or go online and see any number of YouTube videos that give you over the shoulder instruction on how to make this adjustment. If you wish, you can always call a local Roswell, GA garage door repair technician that can make the adjustment easily, and on your time frame.

Are you renting or do you own?

If you are renting your home, you should contact the property manager or owner and let them know about the problem. Usually, they will get it fixed for you at no charge, but some leases have a clause that states that repairs over a certain dollar amount are their responsibility and under that amount; yours. Check your lease agreement for your particular situation. If you own your property or are lease optioning it, the repairs are all up to you. Be sure to save any receipts for expenses incurred while getting your garage door fixed or adjusted. If you are using a local Roswell, GA contractor, handyman or garage door repair expert, try and get two or more estimates and/or opinions as to what the problem is. Get your service estimates in writing and if you like the service you get; add the technician’s telephone number to your smart phone for handy access at a later date.

Should you call a professional?

That is your choice but always consider the options. You might want to try DIY (do-it-yourself) service in order to save a little money or to learn a new skill. Or, you may have no interest whatsoever in servicing your own garage door and just want the job done right and done now! In that case, a call to a full service Roswell garage door repair shop is what is needed. You are always welcome to call on Roswell Garage Door Repair or your favorite local establishment if you already have one in mind. Remember; your garage door needs to work correctly, safely and reliably. Why not use a service that can help with every component of your home or business garage door? From opener unit and springs to safety sensors and garage door locks, choose a professional shop that does it all.