Finding a Good Garage Door Service

When we are spending our money on a service that we need, we all want to make sure we’re getting what we pay for. If you pay for quality services, you want to receive ‘quality’ services. If you are currently experiencing problems you’re your garage door or are simply looking for someone who can properly install a new garage door, finding the right one is essential. Finding a garage door service to attend to your service needs can be accomplished with some forethought.

Service providers are in the business of making money. So, while they may try to upsell their services, it shouldn’t always be viewed as them trying to take advantage of you. In some instances, you likely will need what they are suggesting; it just may be that it can actually be handled sooner than they are letting on. Finding a reputable and reliable garage door service is not as hard as it might seem. How can you distinguish between someone who is simply being forthright or someone who is trying to sell you services that you do not need. We can ask others about their experiences with a particular service provider and read reviews about service providers in the area. However, when you call on someone for a quote, there are specific observations that you can make in order to determine the character of the technician.

Observing a Service Technician

  1. Offer Full-Disclosure

    If they are a professional and reputable service, the technician will arrive with a price book that has a listing of the parts of the garage door. This allows them to show you what cost will be involved in the work they will be asked to perform.

  2. Knowledgeable

    They will know what their inventory consist of so that they will not offer you something they do not have. In some cases, they will be able to tell you that they do not carry your part but can order it. When they have to order the part, they should be able to tell you when the part will be in and when they can have the work done.

  3. Sales Material

    A reputable service will make sure that their technicians always have sales literature available in order for the customers to see what they have to offer.

  4. Thorough Inspection

    Will not just skim over the problem but really try to understand what has caused the problem. When they perform a thorough inspection to identify the problem, they are able to up-sell their services. Again, this can benefit the seller but it also benefits the customer. If they find something wrong that you will have to call them about in a week or so, it is best to have the problem resolved now rather than later. It can save you in additional service requests. Also, there might be a problem that you are not familiar with that could be dangerous. When a technician performs a thorough inspection of the cause of your problem; they will be able to identify the danger that may exist, such as, weak or worn garage door springs.

  5. Be Prepared

    A really good sign of a reliable garage door service in Roswell, Georgia, like Roswell Garage Door Repair, is that the technician will always have some of the most commonly used parts available. The parts that are replaced most often consist of weatherstripping, rollers, springs, motor operators and hinges. This enables the technician to attend to any other problems as quickly as possible without returning again.

    When the technician finds any problem other than the one they were called on to repair, a reputable service provider will be able to explain the problem and why the repairs or replacements are necessary. Offering a customer as much information as possible gives them the chance to make a well-informed decision.

  6. Accepts ‘NO’

    If a technician has tried to sell you something that you have told them you are not interested in and yet they continue to push the matter, walk away. Perhaps the customer is not prepared to take care of the problem due to budget restraints or they may want to get a second opinion. Whatever the reason is, you should never feel pressured into getting services that you do not want. A good service technician will simply make sure that the customer is fully aware of their options and even any safety concerns they may need to be aware of and leave it at that. The last thing that a respectable garage door service would want to happen is for the customer to be so turned off by their sells techniques that they do not recommend their services to others.

  7. Makes Time for You

    If you’re hiring a service professional to perform an important job for you, they should be professional enough not to schedule so many appointments in one day and all within a short space of each other. You want a technician who will be able to make a precise analysis of your problem, troubleshoot any other issues and discuss these things with you, without rushing. They leave enough time to do all of the above and still answer any questions the customer may have.

Go With Your Instinct

You really are your best judge. If you do not feel as though a service provider is being honest or you do not think they will follow through and provide you with the quality of service you want and need, do not be afraid to keep looking. Most people realize that consumers are shopping around and they do not expect to get the business of everyone whom they offer a quote to. Whatever your reason is for choosing one garage door service over another is up to you. Don’t go against your better judgment because you may regret it later. It is advisable to consult with more than 1 service provider before making your final decision. Get what you pay for.